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“I have wanted to create a set of workshops for photographers for a while which celebrate the fine art fashion and photography. There are too many bland images which people love for a minute and then forget but we are drawn to the classic photographers such as Peter Lindbergh, Vincent Peters, Herb Ritts amongst others.”

These workshops are crafted to allow the shoot to be fun, informative and relaxing without getting too deep into the technical side of photography. For me on a shoot it is important to build a rapport with the model and client but also keep your lighting on point. Photography has become so popular these days with modern smart devices, the immediacy of seeing an image and the period of time that they are seen is so short and throwaway as there are so many to see. Creative and stylish images which are called “stoppers” (Make you look twice or more) are so important.

Too many fashion images are so similar in both look and style with no real difference between them apart from the clothing. It is important to me rediscover the quality of image from the days of classic Italian Vogue, Harpers etc shot with the great photographers and models. It is those images which are now revered as fine art and this is where our workshops in photography are aimed towards. Classy styled images which are going to be seen time after time but still needed in todays modern magazine submissions.

James Nader is a British Fashion Photographer and image-maker, establishing himself as a fashion photographer in UK and then Europe over the last 20 years with leading brands and magazines. His understanding of concepts, lighting and design and his unique editorial style with his edgy interpretations enable James to understand conceptualise and create a masterful images which has gained respect with Art Buyers and Editors alike both in the UK and the States. While working consistently within a commercial setting, James continues to develop his personal viewpoint through ongoing fashion editorial & conceptual photography. Not only depicting fashion, he is beginning to define it with his flashback to the heady days of printed magazines, location shooting and perfect monochromatic interpretations.