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London Fashion Workshop – Beauty / Covershots

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Deposit £TBC

Studio Location: This is to be confirmed
Times for the Workshop: 9:00AM – 5.00PM

Total Workshop cost is £1175.00 ( Photographers are required to pay the full deposit balance before any places are final) The total or balance should be paid no later than 30 prior to the workshop. Please get in touch with us by email. Full balance can be paid in advance but please get in contact firstly.


What is the aim of this Workshop Experience?

The aim of this workshop with James is to create a shoot scenario representing image capture for a real magazine client, in this case Minus10 Magazine and The Visioniste which is an online editorial feature magazine.

We will be be shooting to brief a front cover for Minus10 Magazine with three options for styling changes for a future feature requirement from the Art Director who kindly set the brief and has set out the style and mood required for this shoot. We will be shooting three front cover scenarios, Portrait, 3/4 and action 3/4 shot. The final images taken by the group will all be reviewed by the Art Director for a front cover and the images taken on the day and closest to the artistic interpretation set out by the Minus10 team will feature on a months front cover with credits for the photographers.

James will closely work with the group to ensure the images are to the required brief. The selected images from the groups session shoot will be used to create the Minus 10 Magazine front cover. All photographers will have access to a medium resolution front cover overlay to use in their own portfolio production. Inside the magazine there will be an opportunity for all photographers versions of images to featured online in a special gallery with behind the scenes pictures and some interviews.


How your Day is Planned

Your day will begin first thing in the morning around 9:00AM, We will introduce you to the team involved in the days experience, You will meet and greet James and the Creed team, who will make you feel comfortable and give you a brief explanation about your day and what to expect during the flow of the day, We discuss requirements for make-up, styling, hair and of course the model and what is needed from them. We will look at some basics of setting up your own fashion editorial and run through some important factors to work on in advance such as,

We will discuss the mood board, clothing and style based on the requirements of Minus10. Whilst the team begin the process of making up the model and styling them, James will run through the basics of the lights and look for the morning session shoot.

James will cover the light control of the day and how this can be interpreted in different ways and explain why the light matters in the types of looks your are going for but keeping continuity through each shot. We will take a few questions and answers at this point. Its not just about the lighting or complicated lighting set-ups but how to work with your chosen model and your light to get continuity to your set of images.

The aim of this experience is for you the photographer to dive right in and the shoot with the confidence knowing that James is close to hand to offer advice and support in learning how the light is working with model and show how working with the model is important to get the best out of them and your day. James mentoring for your session will help you work up your confidence and model direction to capture excellent imagery that can be used for you own portfolio.

Directing the shoot, model and team and keeping up the atmosphere and working with the model to get the best out of your opportunity working together is important to keep the intensity of the session and James will show how to work well with all of the team.

By the time you finish your day with James you will  have a newly acquired skill and direction in shooting models and directing them to create a super fashion front cover look and learn how simple is best.

Areas covered on the Workshop

  • Setting the Studio
  • Lighting choice for this shoot and why
  • Lighting control
  • Setting up your team
  • Going through stylist mood board
  • What is the style – does the model suit the look
  • Pull letters and working with stylists
  • What happens if things don’t map out
  • Testing the model and light together – testing the setup
  • What is a good starting point with all 3 aspects, model, light and photographer
  • How to engage with your model and be inclusive
  • You will learn one to one with James Nader.
  • Your own individual shooting time with the models and lights.
  • Take your pictures home for your own portfolio and editing with sign off for shots for your own book.
  • Intimate photographer numbers make a fun and relaxed shooting environment.
  • Meet and network with other like minded photographers and creatives.